Marketing Models

Kinkfab produces a limited number for marketing models each year for high end residential developments. Despite the advances of 3D visualisation, the architectural model is still the preferred method of displaying ‘off the plan’ developments. Buyers can easily see all external elements of the development, architectural design and also will judge the quality of the development based off the architectural model.

Closely working with the developer and architect, we consistently produce the highest quality marketing models for new developments in the Sydney Region. Our premium architectural models are produced in our Sydney workshop by our dedicated team of model makers.

We are also able to provide the following services:

  • Interactive lighting systems

  • Plinth and acrylic case fabrication

  • Stylised and conceptual marketing models

Given the wide range of styles and requirements that you may have for your marketing model, we recommend calling us on 0491 703 682 to discuss your requirements, so we can provide you with the information that we require in order to provide you with a quote.

Architects / Project:

L-R (top): Phillipe Mainzer / Taipei Tower for Architectural Pursuer, FJMT / Edition Residences for Rudder Group

L-R (middle): FJMT / King & Phillip for Galileo Group, Icon Visual / Harrington Park, A+ Design Group / The Landmark for New Hope Group

L-R (bottom): BVN / Greenland Centre for Greenland Group, Urban Possible / Archibald residences for Denwol, FJMT / Ritz Carlton Tower for The Star


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