Wanda One Hotel Competition

Client: BVN Architects for Wanda

Scale / Style: 1:1000 Conceptual brass model

Materials: Solid patinated brass

Kinkfab was commissioned by BVN Architects Sydney office to produce a physical model for a City of Sydney Design Excellence competition. Project was for the Wanda hotel in the Circular Quay precinct.

After producing a detailed 1:500 model as part of the competition brief, the architects also commissioned us to produce a unique 1:1000 scaled brass model that would highlight the architectural features of the design. In order to fabricate, the model was made up of 6 individually fabricated components that str assembled using a single bolt. Techniques used to fabricate the brass components include 5-axis CNC milling (down to a 0.5mm router bit), Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Photo Chemical machining and Chemical Patinering.

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