Kinkfab was commissioned by Chenchow Little Architects to produce a Development Application styled model for a new residence in Mosman.

This unique waterfront site adjoins two reserves, so particular attention was placed into accurately modelling the surrounding landscape, topography and surrounding context. A six sided acrylic case with mitred and flame polished edges was also manufactured to enclose the non rectangular base of the model.

Our DA models accurately represent new developments and their built environment and are constructed in accordance to Council requirements. They are constructed out of durable materials and constructed to the highest of standards, allowing them to be used for marketing and presentation purposes after the application process.

Chenchow Little Architects

Other examples of Mosman Council architectural models by Kinkfab can be seen here

Private Residence, Mosman

Client: Chenchow Little Architects for a Private client

Scale / Style: 1:200 scaled, solid white development application model for Mosman Council

Materials: CNC milled plastics, Painted 3D prints, accurate modelling of trees


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