Ritz Carlton, The Star Casino

Client: FJMT Architects for Far East Organization and The Star

Scale / Style: 1:200 Conceptual competition model and marketing model

Materials: Sandstone finish acrylics; Various acrylics, 3D prints, CNC milled/sand blasted perspex; CNC milled timber

Kinkfab was initially commissioned by FJMT Architects to produce a physical model for a City of Sydney Design Excellence competition. The project was for a new hotel tower for the existing The Star Casino. Emphasis was placed on the ‘solid’ sandstone base of the building which gradually taped off through the tower form. As part of the entry we also produced various 1:500 massing models of the proposal.

FJMT won the competition and we were then commissioned directly by The Star / Multiplex to construct a larger, marketing style model for their showroom.

Other examples of marketing models by Kinkfab can be seen here


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