North Sydney Council Development Application (DA) Models

Kinkfab is experienced in producing models for North Sydney Council and can guide you through the process of preparing the physical model submission for your DA.

We produce these models for all sized developments and our attention to detail ensures that your project and its context/landscape is accurately represented in order to meet all the DA requirements. Given the high quality of our models, our clients will often use our models for presentation or marketing purposes after the development has gained approval. A selection of our work can be viewed in the gallery above or you can email us to see images of similar sized projects/locations to your development application.

Our models are built according to North Sydney Councils DA model requirements and are required for proposed residential development containing 4 or more dwellings, or for non-residential development with a floor area of 500m2 or more:

  • Council suggests submitting a 1:100 model, however for most developments we recommend submitting a detailed 1:200 model of the design proposal including all fenestration and landscaping

  • Indicate the relationship of the proposal to adjoining development and topographical features

  • A model may be submitted for other development types if desired and is of assistance to Council

Further details can be found on North Sydney Councils website or by contacting North Sydney Council on 9936 8100

Pricing is dependent on a variety of factors and turnaround is approximately 3 weeks. To receive a fee proposal for your project or for more information please email plans or a 3D CAD model of your project to and include a site plan marked up with the context area you would like to show.

Architects / Project:

L-R (top): ESS / Neutral Bay; Envelope / Lavender Bay, Fox Johnston / Cammeray

L-R (bottom): RJK / Wollstonecraft, RJK / Wollstonecraft, ESS / Neutral Bay


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